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30 Days...of Encouragement?

30 Days...of Encouragement?

Miss some posts over the holiday weekend? Catch up on the final influential agriculturalists here!

Over the past month, in the course of writing about 30 lives that have shaped American agriculture, I've observed a couple things.

First, we are a blessed and fortunate industry. To have people like these working every day to raise food, to lead and to shape our communities is incredible and explains a lot about why American agriculture is phenomenally successful.

Second, if ever you have the chance to say something nice about someone, take it. "Everybody is under-encouraged," said my friend, Matt Lloyd, quoting his friend and former employer, Gov. Mike Pence, the other day. I've hardly heard anything so true. And it has struck me over the past few years how, when someone dies, we write and say incredibly flattering things about them. Maybe we should say those things while they're still here. Maybe we should encourage and build people up, and recognize them for the good they've accomplished.

To that end, 30 days and 30 people is not nearly enough. But it's a start.

Perhaps you missed some of the posts over the holiday weekend? If so, here are a few links for some Monday reading.

Be sure to check out the complete list of 30 Days posts, and the list of 30 Days bloggers, too. And thank you for following along this month. Here's hoping that December finds your harvest complete, your yields bountiful and your heart full and ready for Christmas.  

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