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Field Update - Putting New Tech to Work

Indiana farmer finds lightbar use handy as delayed fieldwork gets underway.

Shaun Glingle is putting the Deere GreenStar Lightbar mated to a Starfire 300 GPS receiver to work...finally. A wet spring has slowed down work and while we've been waiting for updates from Glingle, we can imagine how frustrated he must be. Delayed planting is becoming the big headline for corn, soybeans and spring wheat growers.

A report over the weekend from Shaun shows he's back in the field and as part of our Precision Start program he's putting the new precision guided manual steering setup for his spring tillage and anhydrous applications. In the latest update, Glingle notes that running the lightbar across chiseled ground took some getting used to, but he's found the new tool a help.

Precision guidance, whether manual like the lightbar approach, or automatic with a true auto-steering system, has value when you want to cover more ground in a short time. As this season's wet weather profile shows, for a lot of growers planting is going to be compressed - again - into a shorter optimum window. Any tool that can lengthen the workday while reducing stress and strain has value.

Glingle is finding that out this spring. Check back again later this month for more updates.

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