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The Friday Five: Ag Media Edition

The Friday Five: Ag Media Edition

Amendment 1, GMOs, Indian farmers, farm safety and state fairs: here are five links to catch you up on the week in food and agriculture.

Sudhindra Kulkarni is a farmer in the Gulbarga district of Karnataka state. See his interview with an Indian food blogger at the link above.

It's been a whirlwind month here at the Spangler homestead. Earlier in July, we launched into a week-plus at the Simmental junior national cattle show. Then we came home, washed some jeans and dove straight into county fair week. Then we came home, did some more laundry and I left for the Ag Media Summit in Indianapolis. It's a joint conference between the American Agricultural Editors Association and the Livestock Publications Council, where we partake in much professional improvement sessions and do various business for our respective associations. All in all, it's a good time and I learn a lot and I come home inspired, if a little exhausted. Which may explain why the Friday Five is happening on Friday afternoon instead of Friday morning. Next week will be better; I promise.

Keep Missouri Farming, for Food's Sake: If you're not familiar with the Amendment 1 battle raging in Missouri, this piece from my Missouri Ruralist colleague, Mindy Ward, will fill you in. Sidenote: Mindy's writing won Best Regular Column this week in our annual American Ag Editors Association writing awards contest. She rocks.

Interview with an Indian GMO Farmer:  A different type of post from what I normally share, this is from the personal blog of a California food blogger, Aneela Mirchandani, who describes herself as "an Indian transplant in San Francisco." This post is a Q&A with an Indian farmer who reached out to her, following a series of posts she's done on GM crops. I think his prevailing sentiment will resonate with U.S. farmers: "pay attention to the yield."

God Has Big Plans for Jacob: One of the great positives about social media is its ability to connect us to people we wouldn't normally get to know very well. A couple years ago at the Farm Progress Show, I met Illinois farmer Annette Smith. We became Facebook friends, and I with her daughters as well. Earlier this summer, I gathered there had been a terrible accident and a grandson was in the hospital. It prompted prayers and conversations in our house about the accident, and how easily it could've happened. Here, the mother of that little boy shares in one of her first blog posts what happened that day and how the little boy, Jacob, has recovered, against all odds.

Neil deGrasse Tyson to GMO Critics: "Chill Out": It's always a win when science and scientists back up genetically modified technology, and the media takes notice. This is a YouTube video, shared at Business Insider, Mother Jones, and more, and it's been making the social media rounds this week. The phrase "artificial selection" is the one to watch for.

Indiana State Fair: What if the Site was Moved 40 Years Ago? A nice reflective piece from my colleague to the east, Tom Bechman. Could Indianapolis have become Louisville?  

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