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The Friday Five: Agriculture Everywhere Edition

The Friday Five: Agriculture Everywhere Edition

PETA, GMOs, policy, high school farms and more: here are five links to catch you up on the week in food and agriculture.

Here are five links to catch you up on the week in food and agriculture…

Politico Morning Agriculture: This is actually a daily e-newsletter you can sign up for. I did recently, and I enjoy it. A daily dose of agriculture and policy, straight from D.C. I know it doesn't sound riveting but there are good tidbits throughout.

Midwest Central Students Get Hands-On Farming Experience: A great piece from the Peoria Journal Star about taking kids to the farm and vice-versa. And we're not talking elementary kids and farm safety days or Ag in the Classroom projects; these are high school kids farming 14 acres owned by the school, and learning about water and aquifers, thanks to irrigation systems.

Susan Winsor at Corn and Soybean Digest put together an excellent piece on GMOs, including the education work by Minnesota farmer Mike Petefish. (Photo by Corn

Farmer Educates Consumers About GMOs: This piece was written by my great colleague Susan Winsor at Corn and Soybean Digest. Be sure to check out all four pages, especially the second one: "GMO talking points." If you've ever wondered how to reply to someone who is against GMOs but didn't know what to say, this is your link.

Should PETA Be Allowed to Memorialize Animal Deaths on Roadsides? Oh, PETA. Is this a rhetorical question? You need to read this, just so you can know this is an actual thing.

Goodbye Dr. Spock: This has little to do with agriculture but everything to do with parenthood and with one of my favorite writers. Even when I disagree with her, I marvel at the way she says it. A good read coming off of Mother's Day. 

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