Goodbye to a Kansas Original

Buyout of Krause Corp. by French company another reminder of U.S. wealth going overseas

These days it seems like there's an announcement a day of U.S. companies being sold to buyers overseas.

Granted, most of these are "international" companies with manufacturing, sales and distribution all over the world.

But I was especially saddened to learn that an almost century-old Kansas company, Krause Corp. of Hutchinson, has a new, French owner.

Granted, it probably won't make much difference in the day-to-day operations of the plant. The jobs will stay, the equipment will be designed, manufactured and shipped.

But the thing that disturbs me is that the core wealth of the endeavor -- the corporate profits -- won't be staying in Kansas or even in the U.S.

Recently it seems that all too often the quarterly earnings reports I get are in Euros, not in Dollars. And that worries me.

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