Ignorance, Romance Attracts Another Entertainer

Singer Sheryl Crow joins the ranks of those who protest much about topics of which they know little

I just read today's report on singer Sheryl Crow's objection to removing wild mustangs from the arid west to pastures in the Midwest and East.

Crow said she's worried that the numbers of the Wild West icon will dwindle until they are extinct.

I almost dropped my coffee I was laughing so hard. Until I realized how many people are going to believe this poppycock. It seems the true believers of the "equine rights movement" think the horses are being removed in some rancher land grab conspiracy. That's how you get from serious over-population to threatened with extinction.

Wake up Sheryl. In the days before horses were human, wildlife workers just went in and shot them to reduce the numbers so the herds wouldn't starve to death. Protesters of the last generation bemoaned the cruelty of that, so the great re-location of surplus animals began.

Crow doesn't think the mustangs ought to be removed from their "native lands" because they are one of the "last remaining ties to the land as it was and our history in America."

Does stupidity get any worse? News flash, Sheryl. Horses are NOT native to America or the American West. Their ancestors were a gift to this continent from the Spanish conquistadors.

They are not being "sacrificed" in being moved to the lush pastures of the east. They are  being "rescued" from overcrowding and starvation.

Sheryl says she doesn't believe that. She needs to take a trip to Wyoming instead of to Washington.

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