It's Always Fun to Meet People Who Know How It Is

Out-of-state visitor says he learned right away that farming is hard work

One of the real joys of my life is that from time to time, thanks to my partner, Dave, I get to meet new people that are intersecting his world as they come to Wichita to buy an airplane or get flight training.

Tonight, we had a wonderful time talking to David, who just bought a Bonanza, and his flight instructor, Harold. They are from Greenville, S.C., and during the course of the dinner conversation, agriculture came up as a discussion topic.

David revealed that about 10 years ago he bought some land and some cattle, thinking that farming would be a good retirement hobby.

"I never worked so hard in my life," he said. "I'd come home caked in dirt and dead tired after working all day long and I thought, 'this is no hobby, this is the hardest job I could imagine.' So I sold out of it. There's still cows on the land, but I'm not working it."

To which, I say "you tell them, David."

Tell anybody who will listen how hard it is to work to grow the food, fiber and fuel that this country and the world depends on.

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