More Evidence That Kansas State Is Right Location for NBAF

K-State's new veterinary diagnostic lab spotlights why Kansas was chosen for national lab

Even as Texas continues to whine and threaten lawsuits over the choice of Kansas State University for the new National Bio and Agro Defense Facility, a quiet announcement offers a clear reason why Manhattan stood out to the federal authorities who picked the site.

On May 6, the K-State Veterinary Diagnostic Lab will host an open house to allow the public a firsthand look at the new layout and equipment in its upgraded and expanded molecular diagnostic laboratory. Experts will be on hand to talk about why the facility is important and to explain its role in animal disease diagnosis and prevention.

This is a project that was under way long before the NBAF decision was made. It is an upgrade of the order that K-State has done to stay at the forefront of veterinary medicine for decades, an effort that has built a unique animal disease research infrastructure.

The lab offers a first-stop opportunity for scientists in Kansas who need to respond to an outbreak of any animal diseases, including avian flu, classical swine fever or any other disease. In the event of an outbreak, quick answers to mysteries and quick solutions to problems are vital. All Kansans should be proud of our Land Grant university leadership in this effort.

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