My Cat Is Suffering A Nervous Breakdown

Something about hectic, irregular schedules in the humans she owns makes my cat a little crazy

It's been kind of a crazy time around here lately, with me gone a bunch for the State Fair and Husker Harvest Days and Dave gone with out-of-town trips.

All the unusual coming and going has sent my cat, Gidget, a one-year-old Scottish Fold calico, around the bend.

Last night, she insisted on sleeping on my head. Not on the pillow above me, literally on my head. I kept waking up with a mouthful of fur. And now she is dashing up and down the stairs, alternately leaping on my desk and my lap.

She won't sit still to be petted and and she won't settle down to sleep in her favorite spot on top of the printer.

She seems to be trying to remind me that my purpose in life is serving her and in her royal kitty cat opinion, I am doing a terrible job of it.

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