Organic Advocates Like to Point to White House Garden

In spite of repeated assertions that the First Lady's "kitchen garden" is about healthy eating, the organic movement likes to claim kinship

Less than 24 hours after listening to Assistant Chef Sam Kass repeatedly assert that the White House "kitchen garden" is in not organic and not intended to stand in support of the organic movement, I stood on the steps outside the U.S. Supreme Court and listened to Center for Food Safety Executive Director Andrew Kimbrell talk about how double-dealing it was of the Obama administration to insist on an "organic garden" for the First Family and still stand beside Monsanto in court and advocate for genetically modified crops.

Kimbrell, who succeeded in initiating a landmark case on genetically engineered crops that has now made it to the U.S. Supreme Court, seemed certain that his viewpoint would prevail and we will see a future that turns back the clock on genetic progress.

Listening to him, I wondered if his information on GMO alfalfa is as flawed as his information on the organic status of the White House garden?

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