Peanut Math Doesn't Add Up

Size of firm, number of employees doesn't match size of recall.

I initially wondered why I'd never heard of Peanut Corporation of America. Reading today's newspapers, I found the answer. The story described Peanut Corp. as a "small, niche" company, employing 50 people.

I'm confused.

Can somebody please explain how a small, niche company with 50 workers can be responsible for what FDA says is the largest food recall in memory?

Folks, we're talking more than 1,000 products from almost 100 companies, including major brands, big grocery operations like Kroger, hospitals, schools and even the U.S. Army's Meals Ready to Eat. There has to be a mechanism of spread here. Are we recalling everything that might have an ingredient that might have come from this plant? Seems like there ought to be a better way. Can anyone explain?

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