Over-regulated? Don't Blame EPA; Go After The REAL Bad Guys

It’s not EPA, it’s not Obama; it’s the lawyers who have a lot to gain from everybody fighting and suing

For the past several years, I have observed that farmers and ranchers hit by ever-more-onerous environment regulations blame the “overreach” of the Obama administration and the EPA for the problem.

I’m here to tell you, guys, you are blaming the WRONG PEOPLE.

Today, I got a news release that illustrates my point. It’s all about a new legal action being taken by a bunch of organizations, led by Earthjustice, to force EPA to move faster to implement regulations on pesticide exposure. Months down the road, when some court rules EPA has to move NOW, and EPA tries to comply with a deadline in a court order, a bunch of yelling and screaming about “overreach” is going to break out.

People, the time to yell, stomp and scream is now. And the culprit to yell at is Earthjustice, one of the most active of all organizations that file lawsuits to force the EPA to do this, that or something else that may make good sense, some sense or no sense at all.

I’m not going to argue that exposing kids to pesticide drift is OK. It’s not and nobody wants to see it happen.

But we all know what kind of regulation will result from this federal court-driven approach to solving what should be an industry issue resolved by people who know what they are doing and how to fix what’s wrong in the location where the problem exists.

An EPA regulation won’t just deal with orchards and fields in California where the problem has been documented, it will spread across the whole country because EPA is a FEDERAL agency and its regulations affect the whole country, not just the state or region where there is a problem.

So all of a sudden, farmers in Kansas will have to shell out big bucks to protect mythical children in the path of mythical drift from orchards from mythical exposure to pesticides that aren’t even being sprayed. All because real kids in California were exposed to pesticide drift and lawyers got hold of a hot topic.

The problem is, we don’t help the kids who were hurt. We don’t offer help to the farmers who need alternatives. We don’t fix anything. We just line the pockets of lawyers with lots and lots of dollars.

Help me, Kansas farmers. Wise up! Don’t blame the EPA. Get into the fine print of these litigation-based organizations and pour sand on their gears.  We need to stop this where it starts, not complain about where it ends.

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