What Is It With The USDA Racism Charges

I can't help but wonder what is going on with the weird racism tape and the USDA firing

OK, is it just me, or is there something weird about a taped speech from 24 years ago popping up in a way that gets a USDA employee fired for something she said she did when she didn't work for USDA but for an unnamed non-profit organization?

I'm wondering how her boss at USDA knew to fire her because she was about to appear on the Glen Beck show on Fox News? Last time I checked, the list of people about to be interviewed on Glen Beck wasn't public. There's for sure nothing on TV listings on the guide sites or TV Guide. But apparently, her boss, when he called to fire her, said he knew she was going to be on Glen Beck's show. I think that's weird.

It appears what she said wasn't so much racist as it was about she'd learned in 24 years about racism. I'm still puzzled.
Who pulled out a clip from 24 years ago, edited it judiciously, and sent it on to someone at USDA to see what would happen?

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