Whatever Weather Does, This is Doldrums Time of Year

It doesn't matter where you live, if you are in farm country,this is doldrums time

This is the time of winter discontent. Oh, the heck with the winter of OUR. . . discontent and all that other literary stuff. Farmers know that late January and early February is the awful time of the year. Christmas and New Years and shiny resolutions are over. It is a long, long time until spring. So here we are in the sometimes snowy, often cold, ever windy, mostly cloudy, just plain YUCK!! season of the year.

And I do have some ideas to offer -- although mind you none of this applies to me because I do conferences and conventions, etc. up the Wazoo at this time of year. So all i do is spend a lot of time on the road which gives me a big fat excuse for not having anything else done.

But one of the things that  really works in this is the season (for everybody but me) is  closet cleaning.There is nothing so satisfying as trashing the ugly stuff you hated when your mother-in-law gave it to you but now it's three years old and fair game. And pitch all that stuff that doesn't fit. You won't be that fat/skinny again and if you are it will be out of style anyway.

Here's a cool tip: Go to Walmart and get three of the biggest tubs that will stack in your closet. And then open them up and start pitching -- kill it, give it away, save it. If you are a garage sale-er you may need a fourth tub for stuff you think might haul in a profit.

Be merciless. Open up your space. Yeah, good idea!

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