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Why Do You Love Farming?

Why Do You Love Farming?

Prairie Farmer is planning a special issue celebrating Illinois agriculture, but we need to hear from you!

Open space.

Farm kids.

Life as your own boss.

Barn kittens.


Calves in the spring.

The combine seat.

There's a lot to love about agriculture. And at this point in a really, very difficult year in Illinois agriculture, we want to take a minute at Prairie Farmer to remember all those really, very great things about farming. In fact, we want to celebrate them. With a whole issue.

But we need your help!

Little boys and big dreams: another reason to love farming.

Take a minute today to think about why you love what you do. What's your very favorite thing about farming? What makes you excited to get up and start your day? What makes you proud of what you do? Now write it down, click here and send it to us. We'd ask you to keep it to 300 words or less, and include your name and hometown. You can even include a photo! But no pressure, if that's not your thing. We may wind up using your story in an upcoming issue, and maybe even photographing your farm and family.

We want this to be fun. We want to celebrate all the great stuff about farming in Illinois. But don't put it off - we need to hear from you by September 20 - that's next Thursday!

We'll be waiting for your story. And I know it'll be great.

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