Winds Are Calm, Heat Index at 101 Degrees

Heat, humidity combine to create utter misery for people, pets, livestock, even lawn and garden vegetatiion

Wasn't it just a week or so ago that we were practically floating away?

Not anymore. After two weeks of temperatures in triple digits, just about all the water around is water vapor now, triggering occasional pop-up thunderstorms that have spurred occasional hail and a few tornado warnings.

And today, with the temperature right at 100 degrees and the dewpoint at 66, the official wind speed is "calm."

That is not good news for cattle in the feedlots or the people who tend them. Just yesterday, K-State vet Larry Hollis said winds of 10 to 15 mph were the cattle's best friend, helping them withstand the triple digit heat.

In many places in Kansas over the last three weeks, feedlot managers and workers are literally risking their own health and lives to care for their animals, working around the clock to keep cattle soaked to the skin with cooling water. And from the looks of the forecast, this heat could be around for another month.

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