A Better Burger From Cargill

A Better Burger From Cargill

New process creates ground beef patties with double shelf life, enhanced food safety.

Cargill has evolved and perfected an existing food processing technology to create Fressure fresh ground beef patties, which have double the shelf life of traditional fresh burgers, benefit from enhanced food safety while also providing optimal flavor and a consistent high-quality eating experience for consumers.

Ā Cargill is employing this company developed, patent-pending process technology to produce fresh ground beef patties for the foodservice market. The result will be that Fressure ground beef patties provide foodservice customers with value-added fresh products to better meet their needs in a competitive marketplace.

Evaluating pressure system technology similar to the type that revolutionized the fresh guacamole business for the avocado industry, Cargill focused research efforts on making high-pressure processing commercially viable for ground beef patties.

"The process enabling Cargill to produce Fressure patties is a technological break-through that allows us to provide our customers, as well as consumers, with a premium ground beef option that is superior, in a number of ways, to any in the marketplace today," said Brent Wolke, vice president for Cargill's Wichita-based foodservice meat business. "Ground beef customers told us they wanted a product with a longer shelf life that does not sacrifice the quality, flavor, texture and eating experience consumers pay for when they want a good hamburger."

Fressureā„¢ground beef patties are being produced at Cargill's Columbus, Neb., meat processing facility.

More information about Fressure can be found online at:


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