ACRE Signup Due This Friday

ACRE Signup Due This Friday

Not many have signed up for the new program.

Producers have until this Friday to signup for the Average Crop Revenue Election Program at their local Farm Service Agency office. The Farm Futures acreage surveys show only 15% of producers signing up and Farm Futures' Senior Editor Bryce Knorr says recent activity in the futures should give producer the desire to fully investigate the ACRE program. There's still time to check it out, at least for land you own, though getting landlords' approvals may be difficult at this late date.  


The key decision to be made is if this new risk-management tool is right for your farming operation. The National Corn Growers Association recommends growers gather the materials needed for sign up and use the updated ACRE calculator on the NCGA Web page to find out how this program works. It is also important to note that USDA will be releasing its next crop report this Wednesday. The report is another tool to use in the final days of sign-up.


One ACRE program participant is NCGA Chairman Ron Litterer, who enrolled his farm in July after deciding this program would be worthwhile for his operation. He said, the process was easier than expected and the Farm Service Agency employees were helpful and knowledgeable. Litterer recommends that all growers take the time to make the calculations for their farms.

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