Administration Concedes Ground in Farm Bill Fight

Higher funding and limit levels agreed to by White House.

The Bush Administration has agreed to support a Farm Bill that spends $10 billion above baseline provided reforms of farm programs are included. They have also indicated a willingness to accept a cap of Adjusted Gross Income at $500,000 instead of the $200,000 they had demanded up to now.

These as well as other issues were outlined in a document sent from the White House to Congress entitled "Parameters of a Successful Farm Bill." While House Ag Committee Chairman Collin Peterson, D-Minn., is pleased that the administration has softened their stance and plans to look at their suggestions, he says the White House will not dictate what the Farm Bill will be.

With time growing shorter and some progress toward bringing the two sides together being made, Peterson has said a one-month extension of the current Farm Bill is likely. That is a reversal from his position earlier this year that he would not support any extension of the 2002 Farm Bill.

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