Agriculture Water Quality Funds Released

Agriculture Water Quality Funds Released

NRCS has money for AWEP.

Natural Resources Conservation Service Chief Dave White has announced the availability of $61.2 million in financial assistance funding for Agricultural Water Enhancement Program projects. This funding will help producers conserve surface and ground water and improve water quality on agricultural land. When an AWEP project area has been approved and announced, individual producers will be able to apply for program benefits through their local NRCS office.

Approximately $40.4 million will be made available to AWEP partners whose projects were approved during last fiscal year.  The remaining, approximately $20.7 million, will be available for new project proposals. Deadline for partner organizations to submit a proposal is
May 17, 2010

Projects to be considered include: plan development; restoration or enhancement; irrigation enhancements; drought preventative measures; and other activities that will benefit agricultural land.

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