AMI Supports Interstate Commerce Rules

AMI Supports Interstate Commerce Rules

FSIS wants to allow meat and poultry to be shipped interstate.

The Food Safety and Inspection Service has proposed rule 2008-0039, which would allow inspected establishments to participate in cooperative interstate shipments of meat and poultry products. The American Meat Institute says this rule would in no way impose any added burden upon companies with respect to their existing operations, and by participating, these facilities are, of their own volition, agreeing to the stringent regulatory requirements imposed by the statute.


AMI says the rule adheres to the strict standard set in the enabling statute that state-inspected facilities that wish to ship meat and poultry products in interstate commerce comply with the same regulatory requirements applicable to federally inspected establishments.

AMI also supports the proposed enforcement provisions that would require selected establishments to provide FSIS officials with "access to all establishment records required under the Act and the implementing regulations in this chapter.

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