Animals Not Responsible for H1N1 Outbreak

Other reasons for bans than virus worries.

The World Health Organization has declared H1N1 as a global pandemic but the World Animal Health Organization says culling of pigs won't help guard against public or animal health risks presented by the virus because animals, including swine, have no role in spreading the virus. OIE believes there's little scientific reason to put curbs on the pork industry. The organization says the imposition of ban measurers related to the import from countries with cases of H1N1 are pointless and don't comply with international standards published by OIE.


The United Nations is advising that curbs on pork products can be discontinued. But many countries have banned the import of pork products from countries affected by H1N1. China and Russia have been hard to budge from their restrictions. However now it's reported there's more to the bans than just worries about the virus. China is struggling with an oversupply of pork.


According to China's National Development and Reform Commission Price Monitoring Center - live-hog prices across China have fallen by 3.75% in the past month and corn prices have risen 1.2%.

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