BASF Files for Registration of Three Active Ingredients

BASF Files for Registration of Three Active Ingredients

Innovations expected to influence crop management worldwide.

BASF announced that it has made multi-lateral, worldwide regulatory submissions for new products — Xemium fungicide, and Initium fungicide. Both were filed with regulatory authorities in the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. BASF also submitted Alpha-cypermethrin insecticide to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for review.

"Ongoing laboratory and in-field research shows these three products will help growers in ways they've never been helped before," said Nevin McDougall, Senior Vice President, BASF Agricultural Solutions, North America. "Xemium and Initium fungicides are the result of the BASF research and discovery process. We are committed to bringing innovative solutions to the market to help growers get the most out of every acre."

BASF researches more than 100,000 chemical compounds for each one it brings to the market. BASF has several new products in its pipeline, with 28 products expected to be introduced during the next four years. 

Xemium, a new mode of action in disease protection, is being studied in a wide range of crops including fruits, vegetables and row crops. 

Initium fungicide is being researched on a number of specialty crops and will bring growers added disease protection. 

"By providing a premium preventative shield for crops and a favorable environmental profile, both Xemium and Initium will give growers the confidence and convenience they need from a fungicide," McDougall said.

Alpha-cypermethrin insecticide is being tested globally in several row and specialty crops.

"Alpha-cypermethrin will complement the BASF fungicide and herbicide portfolios and help us meet grower needs for valuable insecticide formulations," McDougall said.

Portfolio expansion
With the addition of Xemium and Initium, BASF will continue to expand an already formidable portfolio of fungicide products that includes Headline fungicide, Headline AMP fungicide, Pristine fungicide, TwinLine fungicide and Caramba fungicide.

Alpha-cypermethrin will strengthen BASF in the insecticide market, adding to a portfolio that includes Respect and Regent insecticides, as well as Axcess insecticide seed treatment.

"Xemium, Initium and Alpha-cypermethrin are the next in a long line of innovative crop protection products from BASF to help growers continue to get the most out of every acre and improve profitability," McDougall said.

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