Beef Checkoff Launches New Veal Foodservice Web Site

Beef Checkoff Launches New Veal Foodservice Web Site

Today's typical veal user has changed.

The beef checkoff is announcing the launch of a new Web site for foodservice professionals,, in July. Highlights include a database of recipes, among them both traditional and cutting-edge dishes for use in any restaurant format, as well as a special section with a featured restaurant, recipe and chef. 

"The typical veal consumer has changed," says Ray Krones, chairman of the Joint Veal Committee. "Our most recent research indicates that today's veal consumer is a protein-user that likes variety, taste and nutrition, which plays a key role in their buying decision. The new website aims to help restaurant operators and chefs add veal dishes to their menus to appeal to these consumers.

"Veal can also help deliver more profit, something all restaurants need to consider," continues Krones. "Many chefs have already discovered how versatile veal can be. While a staple in Italian restaurants, veal is being used more often in ethnic cuisines, like Mediterranean and Asian cuisines. It's also included on the menu at casual format restaurants where cuts like ground veal add interest to ordinary dishes such as burgers, sliders and meatballs."

And while creative chefs are adding their own spin on traditional recipes, the website is also a source for nutritional information, tutorials on veal cuts and news about upcoming events.

For more information about checkoff-funded veal retail initiatives, visit For more information about your beef checkoff, visit

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