Collegiate Ag Leadership Program Available

Collegiate Ag Leadership Program Available

Applications for international mission to Asia are being accepted.

The Grains Foundation and The National FFA Organization are accepting applications for the International Collegiate Agricultural Leadership program.  The 12 under-graduate students for this year's mission will journey to Malaysia and Taiwan from May 16-28, 2010.  The I-CAL program is intended for students who wish to continue their future education and career path in agriculture.


Iowa State University graduate Michelle Euken participated in the 2009 I-CAL mission to Vietnam and China.  She says her trip changed her perception of the world and insists we have to embrace free trade and establish relationships in order to move commodities.


Jim Broten, chairman of the Grains Foundation, says the I-CAL program offers young agricultural professionals a unique opportunity to see the benefits of international trade firsthand. Complete information and application information is available on the Web at

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