Committee Working on Food Program Reauthorization

Harkin says better nutrition can help health system.

A hearing in Washington, D.C. Monday marked the beginning of the reauthorization of federal child nutrition programs, including the School Lunch and Breakfast Programs, the WIC Program, the Child and Adult Care Food Program. Senator Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, said the hearing deals with a crucial part of reforming our American health system, promoting health and wellness, and preventing health problems, through better nutrition.

"Our nation's system is in crisis," Harkin said. "We simply cannot continue any longer into the 21st Century suffering under a system that was outmoded in the past century. Families across America have understood the failure of our nation’s health system for years they suffer through it daily."

Along with a lack of exercise, Harkin says economic distress contributes to poor nutrition. Harking says low-income families are doing whatever they can to stretch their budgets as far as possible, and that can mean cutting back on healthy foods.

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