Company Expands Wheat Milling Capacity

ADM is pumping up the volume at three locations - Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and Spokane.

Archer Daniels Midland plans to expand flour milling capacity at its wheat processing facilities in Los Angeles, Calif.; Minneapolis, Minn.; and Spokane, Wash., according to wire reports.

The move aims to strengthen ADM's North American supply network. The company is already the nation's largest flour miller with an estimated daily grind approaching nearly 280,000 hundredweight, or about 465,000 bushels of wheat.

In a press statement made earlier this week, the company says daily operating capacity at its Spokane mill would rise 10,500 cwt per day and construction is already underway. Minneapolis will expand by about 4,500 cwt per day through a conversion of existing capacity used for farina. The company has also already modified an existing milling unit in Buffalo, N.Y. to add soft wheat flour production facilities.

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