Company Working to Tackle Consumer-Farm Debate

Company Working to Tackle Consumer-Farm Debate

Bayer CropScience is leading the charge to bring groups together to provide a consistent message to the market about the benefits of modern agriculture.

Bill Buckner, CEO, Bayer CropScience, sees an important need for U.S. Agriculture: taking an important role in the discussion regarding the future of food production. Buckner, keynoted Bayer's Ag Issues Forum to kick off the 2010 Commodity Classic in Anaheim, Calif.

Pointing to critical megatrends regarding population growth and land use issues facing for the future Buckner says that major U.S. ag groups must be part of the conversation as policies are set for the future. You can listen to what Buckner has to say about this issue by clicking on the audio link to the left.

Below you'll find a video showing a T-Shirt that Bayer gave employees to help them tell the story of agriculture. Buckner talks about the point of the shirt and points to the fact that agriculture has an important role.

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