Courts Issue Restraining Order to Stop Haying of CRP

This does not affect disaster grazing approved earlier this week.

The National Wildlife Federation has filed a lawsuit causing a Federal District Judge in Washington State to issue a temporary restraining order that stops the grazing of CRP land under the Critical Feed Use Program that was announced on May 27. Under that program, haying and grazing of CRP ground would be allowed after the primary nesting season of grass nesting birds. This restraining order does not stop the grazing of CRP ground in the counties opened earlier this week because of flooding.

USDA Press Secretary Keith Williams says the restraining order is attempting to keep the status quo until a hearing on the matter which has been scheduled for Thursday, July 17.

"What it does is require USDA to stop processing or approving any additional contract modifications to that particular order," Williams says. "And inform all the CRP participants that have received contract modifications that we might have processed in this time that we can't go through it just yet until we get a final decision from the judge."

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