Dieselcraft Spins Fuel for Purity

Dieselcraft Spins Fuel for Purity

Inertia and motion separate water and impurities in new fuel purifier.

Dieselcraft Fluid Engineering is marketing a new "fuel purifier" designed to remove 100% of visible water and 95% of natural contaminates found in diesel fuel.

The purifier uses no replaceable, changeable or cleanable filter elements, and has no moving parts -- other than the fuel inside it. Designers use inertia, surface area and "residence time" of fuel in the purifier to purge water and impurities. As fuel flows through the purifier water droplets coalesce into larger and larger
bodies until they finally settle by gravity into the bottom of the purifier, where they can be drained manually when an on-board sensor notifies the operator it's drain time.

With models capable of handling engines from 20 to 2,500 horsepower, Dieselcraft's new fuel purifier features no filter elements but uses fuel flow dynamics to separate impurities.

Dieselcraft models range from 3- to 8-inches in diameter and can handle engines from 20 horsepower to 2,500 hp.

For more information, visit: www.dieselcraft.com.

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