Dirt, Denim, Diamonds Offers Array of Help for Women

Dirt, Denim, Diamonds Offers Array of Help for Women

Rural women play a variety of roles and conference offers something for everybody.

Whether they are sole owners of a farm, partners in a farming operation or active in the role of homemaker, Kansas rural women will find something that fits their needs at the second annual Dirt, Denim and Diamonds Conference Aug. 9 and 10.

The location will be the Living Water Ranch about 16 miles north of Manhattan in the heart of the scenic Flint Hills in an area with abundant wildlife. The conference will offer women the opportunity to network, find support and educate themselves in all aspects of agriculture.

This year's Dirt, Denim and Diamonds Conference at the Living Water Ranch north of Manhattan in the Flint Hills will offer Kansas rural women an opportunity to network, find support and educate themselves in agriculture.

Dirt, Denim & Diamonds is offering sessions on leadership, current events and issues in agriculture, as well as the skill-building opportunities for all levels. The format includes breakout sessions, where participants may connect with influential and motivated people in agriculture. In addition, there will be ample opportunities for networking during the continental breakfast, lunch, and breaks.

On the agenda

The event kicks off on Friday, Aug. 8 at 5:30 p.m. with a welcoming ceremony followed by a 'Girls Night In' which consists of hands on projects, shopping, sampling and door prizes. There will be 3 mini sessions covering the topics of food labeling, livestock photography, and farm communication.

Saturday will consist of morning and afternoon sessions with a variety of agriculture topics from livestock to agribusiness. Saturday's Keynote Speaker is Joyce Thierer who specializes in agriculture and women's history, she will be presenting "Our Food and Our Land".

The registration deadline is Aug. 1. More information about the conference and registration forms are available at the Dirt Denim & Diamond website.

Vendor Booths and sponsorship opportunities are still available. Please contact Flint Hills Chapter at [email protected] or fill out the registration forms online and return with payment.

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