Ethanol Information, Drawing for Free Gas at Fair Today

Ethanol Information, Drawing for Free Gas at Fair Today

Ethanol processors offer exhibit with educational materials on benefits of ethanol.

The Kansas State Fair opens today, offering a wide range of things to see and do and learn.

Among the learning exhibits will be one from the Kansas Association of Ethanol Processors. KAEP's 2012 Kansas State Fair exhibit will feature a wide range of educational materials to help increase public awareness of the benefits of ethanol.

"Kansans are proud of the economic impact that agriculture has on the state, and this is an effective way for us to communicate the message that ethanol is an important part of our alternative energy mix," Tom Tunnell, KAEP President and CEO, said.

Kansas has 11 operating ethanol plants and produces about 440 million gallons of ethanol annually.

Ethanol Information, Drawing for Free Gas at Fair Today

Located in the Pride of Kansas Building, the exhibit will feature a visual display of the ethanol production process from grain to fuel. Information on E85 fueling stations in Kansas, flex fuel vehicles on the market and where ethanol plants are located in the state will also be available.

In addition to stations selling E85, Kansas has the nation's only two stations currently selling E15, a blend recently approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for use in non-flex fuel cars model year 2001 and newer.

As the opening day sponsor of the Kansas State Fair, KAEP will also be holding a raffle drawing for a $100 Kwik Shop gas card today and $50 Kwik Shop gas cards each day of the Fair.

The Kansas Association of Ethanol Processors is a volunteer organization whose membership includes plants and companies in the ethanol manufacturing industry. KAEP serves as a representative voice to its members, the public and government. Its goal is to promote the viability of ethanol fuels and demonstrate the positive impact of the industry on the local and state economy. Learn more at

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