FAS Adds Country Pages to Web Site

More information available online to the public.

USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service has taken steps to provide better trade information to U.S. exporters about our trading partners around the world. The FAS has added country pages to its Web site grouped into four regions – Western Hemisphere, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and Asia and Oceania. These country pages provide essential demographic, economic and political information.

FAS Administrator Michael Michener says whether you are a U.S. business thinking about marketing your product in a country, an experienced exporter looking for a specific opportunity or a researcher, these pages will help answer your questions.

"The overall goal continues to be about putting more information about our operations and decisions online and readily available to the public," Michener said.

The new country pages will allow users to find comprehensive links, all in one place, on import requirements for each country, as well as travel and market information, the status of trade negotiations, trade development and important contacts. In addition, the FAS Web site includes many searchable databases providing export, import, production, supply, and distribution data, as well as export sales reports and market reports from U.S. agricultural trade experts stationed in 97 offices around the world.

The information is available at www.fas.usda.gov.

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