Favorable Weather Being Seen in South America

Crucial rains are falling on schedule this year.

According to USDA meteorologist Mark Brusberg, conditions have improved in crop areas in Brazil and Argentina with a good start to the rainy season following months of severe drought in much of Argentina's major farming areas.

"There has been a bit of a turnaround in the weather over the last three or four days," Brusberg says. "Some areas locally more than two inches have fallen in some of the drought-stricken winter grain areas of central Argentina."

Brusberg says these rains may help stabilize some of the winter wheat and if it continues will be very beneficial to the upcoming planting of summer crops. Argentina has already begun planting sunflowers and corn in some areas.

Last year in Brazil, a late rainy season hurt their crops, but this year rains have started on time.

"Things are a lot more encouraging than they were this time last year in Brazil," Brusberg says. "For the most part they are entering their spring in pretty good shape."

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