FDA Reports Progress in Protecting Food Supply

After first year of Food Protection Plan, report describes FDA's efforts to build safety in the U.S. and global food systems.

The Food and Drug Administration launched the Food Protection Plan one year ago to protect both domestic and imported food from accidental and intentional contamination. FDA released a report Monday detailing the progress that has been made in the past year as the Food Protection Plan has been implemented.

"Science and 21st century technologies help drive the FDA's efforts to transform our food safety efforts from the Food Protection Plan into a reality," said FDA Commissioner Andrew C. von Eschenbach. "Every day, the FDA is working with foreign countries, state and local governments, regulated industry and consumer groups to ensure the safety of the food supply. We also continue to work with members of Congress to achieve new authorities requested in the Food Protection Plan."

The report examines the progress that has been made in implementing the plan's core strategies of prevention, intervention and response to food-borne disease outbreaks. To view the One-Year Summary of Progress, click HERE.

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