First E. Coli Vaccine for Cattle Licensed

Additional studies being completed but vaccine is being produced.

Epitopix is the first ever E.coli 0157 vaccine to receive USDA Approval. The product license is conditional while additional potency and efficacy studies are completed. However, USDA is allowing Epitopix to make the vaccine and make it immediately available for use by the beef industry. E. coli O157 Bacterial Extract is the first immunological weapon available to the industry in the battle against this food safety concern.

The new vaccine is labeled for use in cattle to reduce the prevalence of the E. coli O157 carrier state and for reduction in the amount of E. coli O157 shed in feces to minimize exposure and infection of herd-mates. According to Epitopix General Manager Jim Sandstrom, our product - represents a significant breakthrough in the beef industry's on-going effort to reduce E. coli O157.

E. coli O157 is a Gram-negative bacterium known to exist in the gastrointestinal tract of outwardly healthy, normal cattle. These bacteria do not cause disease in cattle, but when the cattle are harvested, E. coli O157 bacteria can sometimes find their way into ground beef. Proper cooking easily kills the bacteria, but in cases where beef may be inadequately cooked, serious human disease can occur, especially in children, the elderly or in individuals with a compromised immune system.

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