FMC Launches New Application Tech

FMC Launches New Application Tech

Company to roll out a crop protection system that includes on-planter application teamed with special formulation of key insecticide - called 3rive3D

Matt Hancock is excited, which coming from a crop protection person is a little surprising. "I'm very excited about it and I don't feel silly saying it," he says. The "it" he's talking about is the 3rive 3D system from FMC. Hancock is the corn segment manager for the company.

3rive 3D (3rive is pronounced Thrive) is a new way to use soil-applied insecticide in a way that allows you to basically load once and be in the field for about 480 acres before you have to refill again. "FMC has core competencies in formulation and we try to bring new convenience to products," Hancock says.

FMC to roll out a system that includes on-planter application teamed with special formulation of key insecticide - called 3rive3D. (FMC animation)

The company's Capture LFR insecticide has been a popular product and for 2015 a new formulation is being introduced - Capture 3rive 3D. This formulation, teamed with special application equipment, allows for the long-day service interval of the 3rive 3D system. "For 2015 this will be an introductory launch of about 60 to 100 units," Hancock explains. "We'll have the equipment professionally mounted to the planter and work with about 100 growers to launch this product in 2015."

The new formulation of Capture insecticide is going through the state registration process now and should be set in time for 2015.

The system includes the application technology developed by Emerge Application Solutions. "The system includes a 130 gallon water tank and a 30 gallon product tank," says Hancock. "There are two pumps, a compressor and plumbing to the rear of the planter to the manifold. The product is mixed to the right concentration on the planter."

The product exits into the furrow through a tube and it comes out in a unique foam into the field because the mixing manifold is injecting air at the same time. "It's an elastic foam, like a soap bubble that snaps easily," Hancock says. "With this system you can treat about 480 acres without stopping. And you don't have to look at a measuring cup all [the user] has to do is fill the tanks, put the lid on, set the controller to make the application and plant.

A video below shows how the system works.

The system does require a separate controller in the tractor cab, but Hancock says there are other developments in the works that may someday allow a user to run the system through an existing monitor in the cab.

Even with advanced biotech traits in corn for control of belowground insects, there's continued interest in soil-applied insecticides. This system will allow that use with greater convenience to the grower. "With granules you think in terms of hauling bags and filling insecticide boxes. The convenience of this system is the up time it offers. You don't have to carry all that water and liquid fertilizer and other material to apply insecticide," Hancock notes.

Cost of the system will be about $1,000 per planter row, Hancock says, though details are still being worked out. The technology was just announced this week and the first units are coming off the assembly line in time for season 2015. If you want more information about the new system, which combines formulation, application technology and active ingredient into a single package, contact

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