General Sign-up for CRP Draws to a Close

General Sign-up for CRP Draws to a Close

FSA offices must have producers' enrollments by the end of business Friday.

The deadline is here for landowners, farmers and ranchers to enroll in the Conservation Reserve Program.  The general sign-up ends at the close of business Friday. Producers who want to offer eligible land for CRP's competitive general sign-up can enroll at the Farm Service Agency county office where their farm records are maintained.

CRP is a voluntary program that assists farmers, ranchers and other agricultural producers to protect their environmentally sensitive land. Producers enrolling in CRP plant long-term, resource-conserving covers in exchange for rental payments, cost-share, and technical assistance. CRP protects millions of acres of America's topsoil from erosion and is designed to improve the nation's natural resources base.

Land currently not enrolled in CRP may be offered in this sign-up provided all eligibility requirements are met. Additionally, current CRP participants with contracts expiring this fall covering about 4.5 million acres may make new contract offers. Contracts awarded under this sign-up are scheduled to become effective Oct. 1, 2010.

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