Goodlatte Speaks Out in Favor of RFS Reduction

House agriculture leader urges EPA to issue waiver.

Fifty-one Republican House members have joined in the call to reduce the 2009 renewable fuels standard. Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., ranking member of House Agriculture Committee, and others are asking Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Stephen Johnson for the reduction to help alleviate the pressure from rising corn prices, according to a June 30 statement from Goodlatte.

Citing the rising costs of feed and energy, his statement noted, "Livestock producers throughout the country are struggling under the weight of increased input costs." Goodlatte also pointed to the impact of food price inflation on low-income Americans. Texas Gov. Rick Perry is currently seeking a request for a 50% reduction in the RFS. While remaining a supporter of alternative fuels, Goodlatte said, "The only factor we can immediately control is the amount of the corn supply that must be dedicated to meet the RFS.” He urged the Administration "to reduce the government-mandated RFS. We cannot allow government mandates to pick winners and losers."

Source: Feedstuffs

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