GPS Steering Makes the Job Easier

AutoFarm offers hands-free GPS steering.

AutoFarm is offering a new GPS steering solution for growers who want an affordable, easy-to-install, hands-free steering on farm equipment, the OnTrac2.

Hands-free GPS assisted steering eliminates skips and overlaps, lowers fuel consumption, expands the seasonal operating window, and drastically cuts operator fatigue. And, OnTrac2 simply latches on and off for fast, easy transfer across multiple brands of equipment. It features high-torque, positive drive to handle the wheel in the most difficult field operations and eliminates wheel slip found in friction-type motor steering systems.

For more information on the no-tool switchable OnTrac2, and its pass-to-pass accuracy, call (877) 947-7327, or visit:  

ONTRAC2 GPS: Auto Farm's new OnTrac2 GPS assisted steering system offers a flexible, economical system to keep a variety of farm equipment on track for pass-to-pass accuracy and reduced operator fatigue.

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