Groups Ask EPA to Postpone Atrazine Meeting

Groups Ask EPA to Postpone Atrazine Meeting

Extension of comment period also requested.

A Science Advisory Panel of the Environmental Protection Agency is set to meet next week to start a reevaluation of the risk of atrazine. Several groups want them to postpone that meeting until after the comment period closes regarding the reconsideration of atrazine's use. They also are requesting that period be extended 30 days.


National Corn Growers Association President Darrin Ihnen says the fall is a busy time for corn growers and NCGA wants to ensure they have ample time to submit comments on the importance of atrazine in their farming practices.


Ihnen says after 50 years of use atrazine is one of the most studied herbicides available on the market. He adds that existing data from both the EPA and World Health Organization shows atrazine can and has been used safely.


Others that are requesting an extension of the comment period include the American Farm Bureau Federation, CropLife America and Syngenta.


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