Hard Winter Wheat Tour Wraps Up

Hard Winter Wheat Tour Wraps Up

The 2013 Hard Winter Wheat Tour totaled 570 stops, with a big difference in estimated yields from west to east.

The 2013 Hard Winter Wheat Quality Tour finished today at the Kansas City Board of Trade, which specializes in hard red winter wheat. This tour marked an important event for the Board of Trade, which was purchased by CME Group last year.

After 570 stops in wheat fields across Kansas – and some in the Oklahoma panhandle – the average estimated yield for this year's hard winter wheat crop is 41.1 bushels per acre. Today's average was the highest of the week at 52.3. Wednesday saw an average of 37.1, down from Tuesday's average of 43.8.

Today's findings

HEALTHY WHEAT: Wheat tour groups estimated some fields yielding in the upper 50s and the lower 60s. This field in Franklin County had an estimated yield of 51 bushels per acre.

Tour participants traveled east from Wichita, some through the easternmost part of Kansas, and others through Williamsburg and northeast to Kansas City. Many fields in this region has more soil moisture and have seen more precipitation in recent months.

Groups didn’t make as many stops today due to the mix of temperatures in the mid-30s, rain, sleet and snow, unexpected for the month of May. However, they did find some fields in eastern Kansas with estimated yields ranging from 50 to 60 bushels per acre, what some reported as the best hard winter wheat stands they had seen all week.

With today's mix of rain, sleet and snow, some groups also saw standing water and waterlogged wheat – the opposite of what the tour saw in the western portion of Kansas the previous two days.

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