Hot Weather to Benefit Plains

Weather system will move warmth eastward.

Hot weather has been a trend recently in the western U.S. and according to USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey that system will expand this weekend.


"That will be expanding east and reaching the Plains during the weekend," Rippey said. "So by the weekend we're looking at generally hot conditions across the western half to almost two-thirds of the United States."


The hot weather will definitely help agricultural producers in the Plains region.


"That warmth is especially needed in the northern part of the Plains - Montana, the Dakotas - where planting and emergence has been so late this year," Rippey said. "Not just for spring wheat but also in the eastern areas as you get into the Red River Valley, we need that warmth for corn, soybeans and sugar beets."


The extended weather forecast is for the hot weather to continue through the Plains into mid-June. Although Rippey says some showers are expected next week in parts of the Northern Plains.

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