House Approves Farm Bill

Legislation now moves to Senate.

The House of Representatives passed the Farm Bill Wednesday afternoon by a vote of 318 to 106.

"This is a good bill that addresses many of the challenges Americans face every day," National Farmers Union President Tom Buis says. "Today's vote is a demonstration of the widespread support for this bill and I am pleased to see the House take this important step to move the farm bill toward enactment."

The legislation now will be taken up by the Senate. According to Senate Agriculture Committee spokesperson Kate Cyrul, debate will begin Wednesday afternoon with a vote expected on Thursday morning.

Once approved by the Senate the bill will be sent to President Bush. He has promised a veto of the measure. However; the 318 votes the bill garnered in the House is 28 more than needed to override a Presidential veto.

"Though this farm bill is far from perfect, it contains important provisions for those of us in rural areas and, despite its name, many Americans who will never visit a farm," says David Clevenger, president of the National Association of Wheat Growers. "This agreement does not contain everything we would have wanted to see, but it is a product of compromise and hard work, and it should be approved by the Senate and signed by President George W. Bush."

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