How Best to Feed DDGS to Swine?

A University of Illinois study sheds light on using distillers dried grains in a swine diet.

Many swine producers have taken advantage of the availability of distillers dried grains and have incorporated DDGS into diets fed to their animals. However, Hans H. Stein of the University of Illinois' Department of Animal Sciences says producers should be careful not to use too overuse DDGS for certain diets.

While many producers successfully include 20% DDGS in diets for all categories of swine, Stein says in the February issue of North Carolina State University's Swine News that DDGS in finishing diets should be limited to 20% to limit the risk of producing pork with soft bellies.

In diets fed to nursery pigs and growing finishing pigs, however, as much as 35% DDGS can be fed. Stein also points out the importance of formulating all diets including DDGS based on concentrations of digestible amino acids and digestible phosphorus. DDGS sources that have a lysine-to-crude-protein ratio that is lower than 2.80 should not be used in diets fed to swine.

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Hans H. Stein can be reached at the Department of Animal Sciences, University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois 61801; 217-333-0013; [email protected]

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