Hydraulic control offered for roller harrow

Hydraulic control offered for roller harrow

Remlinger enhances popular leveling tool with enhanced control.

The single roller harrow is a great finishing tool when tilling, but sometimes you don't want it working when you're making a tillage pass - perhaps the first pass. Lifting it out of the way can be trouble, but for Remlinger there's a new option that puts that control at your fingertips.

The single roller disk from Remlinger Manufacturing is now available with hydraulic control. The new control allows you to roll the harrow up out of the ground if not needed for that tillage pass. And it allows you to manage the down pressure on that roller when it's engaged - versus the spring tension system currently at work.

EASE OF USE: The new hydraulic system allows you to raise the rolling harrow and manage downpressure more easily.

And a kit is available to retrofit older single roller harrows on disks to update them too. Remlinger's single roller harrow features a 12-inch roller and breaks clods and churns the soil. The roller can penetrate up to 2-inches deep for mixing and firming the soil. Learn more at remlingermfg.com.

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