Icon rolls out new, larger AG-13 scraper

Icon rolls out new, larger AG-13 scraper

Icon Industries is offering a new, larger, scraper designed for the ag market that provides high-capacity earthmoving along with a range of top level industrial features.

The company launched the AG-11 three years ago, and the new AG-13 builds on that success with more capacity. The AG-13 is for the producer whose needs exceed that of a box scraper or carryall, but are below that of an industrial scraper. The AG-13 has a heaped capacity of 13 yards to move more material quickly.

The AG-13, like the AG-11, features a patented Swing Wall to ensure smooth, clean and rapid ejection cycles. The front gate and eject wall are also finished in dirt-resisting epoxy to maintain efficiency even in sticky soils. The double-wall frame sidewall increases overall strength and rigidity, while protecting hydraulics.

Icon builds on success of AG-11 scraper with new AG-13, which offers higher capacity.

According to Jamie Meier, ag manager, Landoll Corporation: "The AG-13 feature the same basic design as the AG-11, including a frame engineered around 80,000- and 100,000-tensile-strength steel for maximum durability and reliability. We increased the height of the bowl sides to provide more capacity for ag customers with higher-horsepower tractors"

The AG-13 also uses a front dolly for improved maneuverability with 50 degrees of horizontal movement and 70 degrees of later movement, but helps support the load, allowing use of an average-sized ag tractor. The dolly design allows about 6% of the scraper weight to be transferred to the drawbar for extra traction when loading. And the dolly offers extra lift on the front of the bowl to provide a full 22 inches of ground clearance during transport.

The company has also increased the size of the front wheels on the dolly (and on the AG-11 too). Now both models use 500/70R24 tires for support and better flotation. Learn more by calling 785-738-3547 or visit landoll.com.

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