Indirect Land Use Change Theory Ignores Facts and Data

Indirect Land Use Change Theory Ignores Facts and Data

NCGA wants theory thrown out due to new research.

The National Corn Growers Association says it's time to throw out the disputed theory of indirect land use change. NCGA President Darrin Ihnen says the theory ignores grower ingenuity and modern agronomy, noting USDA expects the nation's corn growers to produce more than 300 million more bushels than just three years ago on nearly five million fewer acres. What's more, Ihnen says a recent study released by Purdue University shows the California Air Resources Board overestimated the greenhouse gas impact of land use changes related to corn ethanol by a factor of two.

NCGA says the updated research utilizes the Global Trade Analysis Project model and estimates that average corn ethanol land use emissions were 13.9 grams CO2 equivalent per mega joule; less than half the land use change value of 30 grams CO2 equivalent per mega joule adopted by CARB in the controversial Low Carbon Fuel Standard.

Ihnen says there are lots of reasons to support corn ethanol. Not only is it a renewable domestic alternative to foreign oil that provides significant greenhouse gas reduction compared to gasoline, but it creates and supports jobs in rural America. He says ethanol's time is now.

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