JOBOX Protects Tools, Valuables

Super-secure tool boxes offered from Delta Consolidated Industries.

Delta Consolidated Industries has introduced the new line of JOBOX High-Security Crossovers and Inner side Boxes, the most secure, weather-resistant and durable truck boxes ever.

The Crossovers and Inner sides, which mount across the bed of a truck and on top of truck bed side walls respectively, offer exceptional anti-theft features without compromising usefulness and accessibility.

The boxes feature the new Gear-Lock II –a dual rotary locking system. The system is tested to resist more than 2,000 lbs. of pulling and prying force.

The JOBOX from Delta Consolidated Industries offers strong anti-theft and weather protection for your tools and other valuables in convenient crossover and inner-side truck bed storage. The boxes are designed to resist more than a ton of pulling and prying.

The dual, self-adjusting rotary gears clamp onto a new, high-strength lid striker with 360-degree engagement, ratcheting the lid down tightly. Security is more than twice as strong as that of competitive locks, and the lid striker can’t be bent or pried out. The boxes are also very weather resistant.

The JOBOX truck boxes come in steel and aluminum varieties, featuring an exclusive, highly durable design. Unlike competing products that simply weld box edges together on all sides, each JOBOX consists of a 1-piece body with two side pieces bent and flange welded to it at a 90-degree angle. This creates an extremely durable edge that’s much stronger than one made from traditional welding.

The boxes come in single- and dual-lid versions in a full range of sizes. Each includes a 5-year, limited warranty.

For more information about JOBOX High-Security Crossovers and Inner sides call 1 (800) 643-0084, or visit

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