Kansas One of 10 States Promoting E-85

State partners with GM to boost E-85 stations.

Kansas has been selected to join a partnernship with General Motors designed to boost the number of E-85 stations across the state and advance development and usage of the fuel.

"By directing new resources to address the opportunities and challenges of E-85 fuel, Kansas can do its part in improving the nation's energy security while giving consumers more choices at the pump," said Governor Kathleen Sebelius, who served as Co-Chair of the NGA initiative, Securing a Clean Energy Future. "Ethanol makes up a portion of our nation's fuel, uses our natural resources, and its availability in the market helps keep gas prices down by as much as thirty-five cents."

Increasing ethanol usage offers an opportunity to displace a significant share of imported oil usage in the United States and diversify the transportation supply. In 2007, the United States used 6.8 billion gallons of ethanol, almost all of which was made from domestically- produced corn. With the production and use of Flex Fuel Vehicles increasing across the country, consumers are ready for an expanded E-85 infrastructure.

Under the terms of the partnership, GM will provide technical assistance to help Kansas assess optimal locations for E-85 stations and blender pumps. It will also work with ethanol producers, suppliers and retailers to increase the supply of E-85 and will use its dealership network to promote E085 use.

Other state joining Kansas in the ethanol-GM partnership are Alabama, Florida, Idaho, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Tennessee and Wisconsin.

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